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Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP

Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP

In the annual Gizmodo awards we have now the ISP provider vote:

I must admit TPG have very agrerssive pricing but, being in the industry, I’ve also heard reports of slow networks due to so many leechers on the network. (High allowances encourage high usage and cause congestion on the networks).
Internode came in a close second demonstrating that end users can still identify a true reliable provider. In my opinion Internode is second to none, like i say “you will find cheaper but you won’t find better”.

iiNet won the Editors choice which is a reasonable choice as they offer great value, huge free zone allowances and are quite good for the most part. I personally had a run in with their plan changes when Annex M was released and we had a dissagreement on the method of change from non metered uploads to metered uploads. At the time upload metering was unheard of but it’s quite normal for low end plans now. A $90 exit fee was charged and refused to be dropped so we parted company and with Internode i’ve never looked back.

Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP | Gizmodo Australia.

Why do I post so much about products?

Why do I post so much about products?

Having been in the IT industry for 16 years now and a gadget geek for just as long, I find myself pondering where we are, where we have been, what I have seen and where we are and should be heading.

In my travels I have tried nearly every brand of mobile phone, PDA, laptop, PC, server, Networking component, CPU and the providers of services to those devices. I have had good and bad experiences and try my hardest to let my mistakes and learning’s benefit others.

Frustratingly, many products get left behind due to lack of marketing or an abundance of marketing from competitors that in my opinion are not as good. I have seen standards thrown out the windows, good technology disappear into oblivion and blind fanaticism to products.

So, in an effort to help those who have not had the benefit of my experience, I tend to be quite vocal on those things that I do or do not agree with. I do not get paid for any of it (although I would accept goods to test Winking smile), I just believe passionately in good products and technologies and the practises invoked by the companies delivering them.

In my considerations are things like:

Build Quality
Social Responsibility
Cutting Edge development
Forward Thinking

…………..among others.

In this day and age you have to be an educated consumer and if you do not know or don’t have the time to find out, speak to an impartial expert, not a store sales person. Everyone has an agenda and a personal preference but if someone takes the time to explain why they prefer something and provide good reason then they are worth listening too.

Take the time to understand what the company you are supporting (by buying products form them) does and does not do. Do they actively give back to communities, do they help charitable projects, do they focus on innovation and design or are they just pumping out the same old stuff day in day out.
Do they use current and upcoming industry standards and do they actively participate in development projects to advance technology with other companies or consortiums.

If all else fails I would be more than glad to offer my advice in your purchasing decision and will do my best to give a balanced and unbiased opinion.

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