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Gizmodo Small tablet test

Gizmodo Small tablet test

Gizmodo have tested three top contenders in the ~7 inch tablet market. Apple fans will be surprised to hear that the iPad mini comes in a distant last, with the Kindle Fire HDX coming in at one and closely matched by the Nexus 7.

See below for details:

The Best Small Tablet Display (Hint: It’s Not The iPad Mini) | Gizmodo Australia.

The iPad Air, how light is it really?

The iPad Air, how light is it really?

As much as I personally cringe at posting this, it would not be a technoogy blog without covering the new offering from Apple, the iPad AIR.

Announced recently by Apple the iPad Air is lighter, thinner and something to spend more of your money on. It packs the new Apple A7 chip based on the ARMv8 architecture which brings 64bit processing to the mobile chip. 64bit processing will mean more memory can be addressed and more complex number crunching can go on, which for now doesn’t mean a whole lot since the iPAD Air only has 4Gb.

The Air has the “Retina” display featuring 2048×1536 dpi and weighs 469 grams.

The new iPad is also claimed to have 10 hours battery life. On par with many other tablets on the market.

I’ll let you make your own judgement, Gizmodos review is linked below.

iPad Air Australian Hands-On: What Sorcery Is This? | Gizmodo Australia.

Tablet market shakeup, Samsung leads in customer satisfaction

Tablet market shakeup, Samsung leads in customer satisfaction

Engadget bring us a J.D. Power study that shows that Samsung lead the way in owner satisfaction with Apple second and Amazon third.

The study ranked tablets by manufacturer and scored them on a 1000 point scale. Samsung scored 835 with Apple scoring 833 and 826 for Amazon.

The study was based in the U.S. and is evaluated on 3375 tablet owners. It was conducted between March and August 2013. It uses metrics such as performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features and cost.

More here via Engadget: Note this: Samsung tablets rank highest in J.D. Power’s owner satisfaction study.

The rotten Apple – opinion

The rotten Apple – opinion

I’ve been saying this for some time now, Apple Corp is on the way down. Apple have undoubtedly had some amazing marketing and great success in pedalling those flashy products to people. Many people perceive Apple as an innovator and their products as bleeding edge. In a way they have been bleeding edge, but it should not be assumed that these products were the first to bring their features to the market. Apple Corp are just now releasing their market earnings statements and the signs are that even though iPhone sales are up (mostly due to taking to new markets such as China) however iPad and Mac sales are down.

There could be many reasons for this but in my opinion Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung have some great offerings and ironically enough the logo and namesake is a perfect metaphor for Apple right now. You see, Apples look so nice and fresh on the tree and it’s pretty hard not to pick one and take a bite. You soon tire of this however and see an even shinier and more red apple sitting on the tree. This continues for some time until eventually they all look the same and many begin to rot and drop off the tree. Apple Corp have enjoyed the shiny apple experience for some time now and managed to market those apples effectively, however, those apples are just apples and many people are starting to look at the orange groves, grape vines and other various fruit available in the market. The other orchids are also starting to market much better and people are seeing these alternatives more and are giving them a try.

Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft are the orange, grape and other fruits. They are quite delicious and provide choices to the consumer. Apple now have the Granny Smith (iPhone 5C) but it’s still just an Apple, there’s no escaping that.

Each new shiny Apple is just another apple, dressed up differently with a different sticker. You can see this in the latest earnings reports and in the share price of Apple Corp; they enjoyed a high of over $600US/Share and are now below $450US/Share.

Android is enjoying a run right now and Windows Phone is making ground.

Currently the total market share is as follows (as of q2 2013 via bgr.com):

Samsung has a global market share of 26.2%

Nokia are still number 2 at 14.1% (mostly due to their low end handsets)

Apple slides in to third with a 7.2% global market share with very modest gains.

Windows phone has reached double digits in parts of Europe and reportedly has a 7% market share across the EU region.

Blackberry has dropped to a sad los of only 2.4% in the EU.

Other manufacturers such as LG and ZTE are coming up fast and have around 3.7 and 3.5% share respectively worldwide.

Even Steve Wozniak was not impressed with the latest round of Apple devices. “When I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads didn’t hit my needs………Yes it’s thinner, but I wanted storage. I don’t have broadband at home, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad. So I was hoping Apple has a 256GB iPad.” was his words as he spoke to reporters at Apps World recently.

They may have some marketing genius left in them yet and no doubt they will see continued strong revenue but mark my words, they will soon be relegated back to the annals of history as a bespoke machine that only the true fanboys will continue to use to their own detriment.

There’s only so long you can sell snow to Eskimos before they realise they can get the same thing or better elsewhere.



Windows 8 Consumer Preview – It’s here, the next step in your PC, Tablet and Phone Experiences

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – It’s here, the next step in your PC, Tablet and Phone Experiences

“It’s Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It’s an all-new touch interface. It’s a new Windows for new devices. And it’s your opportunity to be one of the first to try it out.”

This is a game changer, a unified platform across mobile and desktop devices, an operating systems with you as the focus. Interact with your devices like never before with the Consumer Preview (Beta) of Windows 8.

This is the desktop Consumer Preview, initial reports are that it’s quite stable. A review from me coming shortly.

Download here

via Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Apple just isn’t so squeeky clean anymore…

Apple just isn’t so squeeky clean anymore…

Proview International Holdings Ltd is a major computer monitor maker in China. They have recently brought a case against Apple in Chinese courts claiming infringement on the trademark “ipad”. The Chinese courts ruled against Proview in regards to suspending sales in mainland china of Apple’s iPad devices.

It has now brought the case to California with a view to stop sales of the iPAD in USA.

“Proview accuses Apple of creating a special purpose entity — IP Application Development Ltd, or IPAD — to buy the iPad name from it, concealing Apple’s role in the matter.

In its filing, Proview alleged lawyers for IPAD repeatedly said it would not be competing with the Chinese firm, and refused to say why they needed the trademark.

Those representations were made “with the intent to defraud and induce the plaintiffs to enter into the agreement,” Proview said in the filing dated February 17, requesting an unspecified amount of damages.”

via Apple’s China legal battle over iPad spreads to U.S. | Reuters.

The iSheeple culture Is In Your Mind – Applism in Development

The iSheeple culture Is In Your Mind – Applism in Development

The term Sheeple is one i use to describe people who display herd mentality; many times products and marketing are successful simply because one feels like they wish to be one of “those people” that have “that device”.

Apples products survive solely on this mentality, non of their products are technically very different from any other and quite often they bring a higher price; they are rarely better quality and in some cases are less reliable than their counterparts.  Some will say the design of Apple products is amazing, well, if you like white then yeah i guess you would like Apple products. Personally I grew up with beige and white computers and after many years computers finally got a nice black and metal finish, this was lost in Applism design.

Now to the point of the story, like no other platform, Apple iOS has picked up the lions share of development, even with a far from high market share it got much attention and we found apps being developed for a minority platform. This of course has helped with the growth of the iPhone and iPad and has created an app culture.

The problem is, iOS lacks integration with social networks and email and states that “there is an app for that” rather than innovating and providing built in functionality.  Android does the same, however, believe it or not there are platforms paying attention to how consumers use phones. Windows Phone 7, by Microsoft for example, integrates, Facebook, Linkedin, Windows Live, Twitter, Exchange email, Gmail, Hotmail and the list goes on, all without having to even open the marketplace to get an app.

It has been apparent to me for a long time that there is a strange focus on iOS; my theory is that Apple are secretly paying large software houses to develop for the 0platform then having them sign NDA’s to hide it. This is pure speculation of course, however I have watched the mobile landscape for over 15 years now develop and never before have developers, small or large, developed with such vigor for a platform with very low market share. (this of course has changed over the years but the ratio of market share to developers and app by those developers for the platform has been extremely high in iOS like never before).

Now add on top of this many analysis of the Windows Phone Marketplace demonstrating being the most profitable for developers, and the ability to code across platform (XBOX, Windows Phone and Games for Windows all use the XNA studio and make it very easy for game developers to release across platforms).

Now Peter-Paul Koch, better known as PPK in the web developer community, adds his input on the focus on webkit and iPhone development:

“What we have here is an iPhone monoculture; not in the stats, but in web developers’ minds,” writes Koch. “This is the fundamental problem we must address.”

He goes on to suggest the change needed and I must agree whole heartedly in his comments and find it refreshing for someone with a bit of clout behind them to be stating such:

“Start talking about testing in mobile non-WebKit browsers (i.e. Opera),” he writes. “Start talking about other platforms besides iPhone (and Android). Start talking about mobile diversity, instead of showing the iPhone over and over and over again.”

It’s about time developers start delivering cross platform applications and allow the consumer the choice they deserve, even the sheeple.

via The iPhone Monoculture Is In Your Mind | Webmonkey | Wired.com.

The Aussie Designed and Owned Windows Tablet

The Aussie Designed and Owned Windows Tablet

That’s right you read correctly, Aussie designed and Aussie owned and Windows.

10.1” Capacative Multi-Touch Screen
    Windows 7Home Premium
    Long battery life10+ hours

Intel Z670 “Oak Trail” processor @ 1.5GHz
32GB SSD (optional 64GB)
2 x USB 2.0 port
1 x microSD slot (supports 32GB additional storage)
1 x HDMI port
Full HD video playback (1080p)
1.3 MP front facing camera
Video conferencing
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3G + GPS (optional)

Maestro S.

Why do I post so much about products?

Why do I post so much about products?

Having been in the IT industry for 16 years now and a gadget geek for just as long, I find myself pondering where we are, where we have been, what I have seen and where we are and should be heading.

In my travels I have tried nearly every brand of mobile phone, PDA, laptop, PC, server, Networking component, CPU and the providers of services to those devices. I have had good and bad experiences and try my hardest to let my mistakes and learning’s benefit others.

Frustratingly, many products get left behind due to lack of marketing or an abundance of marketing from competitors that in my opinion are not as good. I have seen standards thrown out the windows, good technology disappear into oblivion and blind fanaticism to products.

So, in an effort to help those who have not had the benefit of my experience, I tend to be quite vocal on those things that I do or do not agree with. I do not get paid for any of it (although I would accept goods to test Winking smile), I just believe passionately in good products and technologies and the practises invoked by the companies delivering them.

In my considerations are things like:

Build Quality
Social Responsibility
Cutting Edge development
Forward Thinking

…………..among others.

In this day and age you have to be an educated consumer and if you do not know or don’t have the time to find out, speak to an impartial expert, not a store sales person. Everyone has an agenda and a personal preference but if someone takes the time to explain why they prefer something and provide good reason then they are worth listening too.

Take the time to understand what the company you are supporting (by buying products form them) does and does not do. Do they actively give back to communities, do they help charitable projects, do they focus on innovation and design or are they just pumping out the same old stuff day in day out.
Do they use current and upcoming industry standards and do they actively participate in development projects to advance technology with other companies or consortiums.

If all else fails I would be more than glad to offer my advice in your purchasing decision and will do my best to give a balanced and unbiased opinion.

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