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Windows Phone 8 to slay the competiton

Windows Phone 8 to slay the competiton

While i disagree with some of the “catch up” statements in this article, it certainly details many of the big improvements to look forward to with the next build of Windows Phone.

Many people hate the OS simply due to it’s name, but I believe people are waking up to the rubbish iCrap devices and realizing there is a choice, and a very decent one at that.

Windows Phone is one of them and couple with Windows 8 and the new line of Windows 8 tablets due out, I think Apple have a lot to be scared of.

The below article details the Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” features and changes.
How Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ Would Stack Up Against iOS 5, Android 4 | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

HTC not violating FlashPoint patent

HTC not violating FlashPoint patent

A small win for HTC with the ITC today with a case against them by FlashPoint.

ITC ruled that it was not infringing even though three other manufacturers had settled.

“An ITC judge said in July that HTC did not infringe the FlashPoint technology in making its Android and Windows smartphones. The full commission upheld that decision.

The ITC said it terminated the investigation.”

via HTC does not violate FlashPoint patent, ITC says | Reuters.

Google Galaxy Nexus a Gizmodo review

Google Galaxy Nexus a Gizmodo review

It’s just a Gizmodo review and part two of one at that (it links to the first part though), but it is another phone worth considering, perhaps….
Personally I think i have made my choice abundantly clear lol but there are other good phones, The Samsung Galaxy SII just won editors and readers choice of best smartphone of 2011 on Gizmodo and quite rightly too as it is a great phone. I porbably should have linked a review of it sometime lol

Have a read of the below however and rememebr that there is always choice, that’s what a free and open market does best 🙂

Google Galaxy Nexus: Second Thoughts | Gizmodo Australia.

HTC toughing it out in slow down

HTC toughing it out in slow down

I posted about HTC yesterday and the below article sheds a little more light on some of the struggles faced by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Hurdles include the popularity of Samsungs handsets and in part of course the iCrap devices, slowing smartphone sales, falling behind technologies such as screen quality and battery sizes and a drop in consumer spennding. HTC is also working on entering the Chinese market, which ironically it has not had much presence in due to it’s high end moniker.

HTC certainly has some work ahead but still continues to offer great value and quality constructed phones. It remains to be seen what the next generation due out next yeart bring but knowing HTC it’ll be high quality and rock solid.
HTC to tough out slowdown as strategy doubts grow | Reuters.

HTC Under Fire…Still

HTC Under Fire…Still

Poor HTC, if you follow my blogs and tweets at all then you’ll have figured that HTC is pretty much my favourite phone manufacturer. They have been making phones longer than you could imagine with device like the Palm Pree and HP’s mobile messengers among many others being made by them; this is why they have the tag line of “Quietly Brilliant”. I celebrated the day they finally decided to sell retail devices under their own brand.

That being said, they have had good an dbad hardware, but this is the case with an innovator such as HTC. They have learned the hard lessons and it shows in the mature products they bring to the market now.

Unfortunately, bringing their brand to the market makes them a target for the all to common and well know patent trolling that is going on between the gadget and IT manufacturers right now.

In the latest news, the German patent firm IPCom are making plans to stop the sale of HTC devices throughout Germany, hurting the already struggling manufacturer in a critical sales period. HTC have been reporting drops in sales for a while now and stocks have dropped 30% in eight straight days.

HTC decided to withdraw the appeal against this ruling and have opened themselves up to attack by IPCom.

HTC have aparently puled this due to a German patent court questioning the validity of the claim. It also has several other patents it can concentrate on fighting.

It’s a real shame that this patent trolling has gotten so out of hand, technology will soon start suffering as companies realise the risk of “inventing” technology that could be infringing on such general patents. It’s abotu time that this is halted and we allow technology to progress and release patents to public domain to be used for the greater good. Oh sorry I drifted off into a dream utopia there 😛
Patent firm IPCom says to stop HTC German sales | Reuters.

Why do I post so much about products?

Why do I post so much about products?

Having been in the IT industry for 16 years now and a gadget geek for just as long, I find myself pondering where we are, where we have been, what I have seen and where we are and should be heading.

In my travels I have tried nearly every brand of mobile phone, PDA, laptop, PC, server, Networking component, CPU and the providers of services to those devices. I have had good and bad experiences and try my hardest to let my mistakes and learning’s benefit others.

Frustratingly, many products get left behind due to lack of marketing or an abundance of marketing from competitors that in my opinion are not as good. I have seen standards thrown out the windows, good technology disappear into oblivion and blind fanaticism to products.

So, in an effort to help those who have not had the benefit of my experience, I tend to be quite vocal on those things that I do or do not agree with. I do not get paid for any of it (although I would accept goods to test Winking smile), I just believe passionately in good products and technologies and the practises invoked by the companies delivering them.

In my considerations are things like:

Build Quality
Social Responsibility
Cutting Edge development
Forward Thinking

…………..among others.

In this day and age you have to be an educated consumer and if you do not know or don’t have the time to find out, speak to an impartial expert, not a store sales person. Everyone has an agenda and a personal preference but if someone takes the time to explain why they prefer something and provide good reason then they are worth listening too.

Take the time to understand what the company you are supporting (by buying products form them) does and does not do. Do they actively give back to communities, do they help charitable projects, do they focus on innovation and design or are they just pumping out the same old stuff day in day out.
Do they use current and upcoming industry standards and do they actively participate in development projects to advance technology with other companies or consortiums.

If all else fails I would be more than glad to offer my advice in your purchasing decision and will do my best to give a balanced and unbiased opinion.

Microsoft pushing out Windows Phone update 7740 and WiFi Tethering

Microsoft pushing out Windows Phone update 7740 and WiFi Tethering

The HD7 among other phones have been receiving updates wot build 7740 and been given WiFi techering in a firmware update.
The update is reported ot be pushing out to branded phones mostly accros the US and Europe.
No sign yet for unbranded phones or for Telstra in Australia.

HTC Radar (international) getting firmware update too | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews.

HTC warns of Q4 drop

HTC warns of Q4 drop

HTC has long made smart and innovative phones that look great. In recent times they have enjoyed significant growth and a leading market presence.

In my opinion they are number one in all area’s but they are in fact number 5 in market share right now. They enjoy a reasonable stance against Apple and Samsung and work closely with Microsoft and the Android community to bring us choice in our telecommunications gadgets.

In a recent announcement however, HTC have warned of an especially low fourth quarter in a usual down time for phone sales. This has shocked investors who have had no reason to expect anything less than solid growth.

I perosonally beleive this will just be a small speed hump to HTC and with new Windows Phone handsets with impressive specs as well as some innovative Android phones such as the EVO 3D, HTC will continue to hold a siginificant market share and will continue to bring us innovative choice, unlike some of it’s compeditors.

“HTC had a fairytale ride in 2010 and early 2011, with its shares more than tripling in the 14 months to April 2011 and sales growing four-fold in one and a half years as consumers snapped up its innovative phones with their distinctive large clock numerals.

But HTC on Monday shocked the market with a forecast for fourth-quarter revenue to fall to T$125-135 billion from T$135.8 billion in the third quarter, and shipments falling to 12-13 million units from 13.2 million in the third quarter.”

via Smartphone maker HTC warns of weak Q4 | Reuters.

Apple iPhone 4s barely catches up and disspoints all round

Apple iPhone 4s barely catches up and disspoints all round

Firstly, much like all Apple products, the “S” suffix was not invented by them, it’s a direct copy of phones like the HTC HD7s (Launched March 2011).
Secondly, the package is exactly the same as the iPhone 4.

Finally, the addition of an 8Mpixel camera and dual core processor mearly catches up to most current Android devices and quite a few others that already have the better camera if not the dual core processor.

So finally Apple are really starting to show their true colours of barely reinventing old ideas and passing them off as new, and mearly giving the illusion of being ahead of the game.

All this while Apple try to block other manufacturers and not even really trying to hide the fact that the aim is to simply block for a monopoly. (see: The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch (of the Galaxy tablet) and maintain the status quo,” Apple lawyer Steven Burley told the court.”)

What are your alternatives? Well you have many choices, unlike the article below that this post is in response to.

Choice A. Current Blackberry or Android phones.
Most Android phones now have large screens, dual core processors and high res camera’s.
Choice B. And a very good one if you ask me and also one left completely out of the below article.
Windows Phone 7.5 boasts many, if not all, of the features of iOS and Android. It also includes many integration features with social networks and mapping that can only be acheived with third party application on other platforms.
While most other mobile operating systems focus on “there’s an app for that”, Windows Phone uses the mantra of “we can do that built in without a third party app”.

Regardless of the hate shown towards Microsoft you cannot go past at least considering Windows Phone, especially since the update rolled out last week. Many reviews are rolling in with plenty of positive points and mahy touting it as a serious contender now to Android and iOS.

Phones such as the HTC Titan with 4.7″ screen and powerful processor as well as large battery will be a very good choice. Others such as the HTC Radar, sproting a smaller screen and white body will be a good choice for those wanting a smaller sized phone. Many other manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and very soon Nokia, are producing great hardware to match the Windows Phone OS.

New Apple iPhone fails to wow investors, fans | Reuters.

HTC’s Sense on Android “could” allow access to personal information

HTC’s Sense on Android “could” allow access to personal information

It has been reported that the amazing HTC Sense has added a recent feature that logs all kinds of personal data to a file that could then be accessed by applications on the device.

The critical thing to note here though is the first line of the below quote from Wired.com’s article. The app would have to request access, which you could always deny I guess?

It’s worth noting but i’m sure this will be fixed by a simple software update or setting.

“Any app can get access to this data simply through a permissions request.

The problem is due to logging tools that HTC recently added, which gather a huge amount of personal info and usage data. HTC hasn’t provided a reason for adding the tools.”

via HTC’s Version of Android Gives Personal Data to Any App That Asks | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

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