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.brand – get your new top level domain now!

.brand – get your new top level domain now!

I’m not talking about russell.brand, however if he had a spare $185000.00 and time to write up a 200-300 page response to a 55 question form, then he could most definitely apply for it with ICANN.

In a recent ruling of the ICANN board, it was voted that additional top level domains should be allowed. Top level domains are those such as .com, .info, .biz etc, totalling 22 all up.

The decision will allow large companies to register domains such as .canon or .microsoft and may help resolve naming and trademark conflicts that happen to day.

More info below from Wired.com

Companies Prepare for Land Grab of New ‘Generic’ Top-Level Domains | Epicenter | Wired.com.

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