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Ghost of Tsushima Minimum File Size Revealed – PlayStation Universe

With Ghost of Tsushima now being available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store, we now have an idea of what the Ghost of Tsushima minimum install file size will be when the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive releases on July 17, 2020. According to the listing on the PlayStation Store, we now know that the Ghost of Tsushima minimum install size clocks in at 50GB.

This figure obviously does not account for what will likely be a sizeable day one patch too, so you can expect that 50GB install size to certainly bloat somewhat by the time the game releases next month.

With its massive environments and highly detailed, sophisticated visuals, Ghost of Tsushima’s 50GB install size puts it in the ballpark of other beefy PS4 exclusives, such as God of War and Days Gone to name just a couple.

The revelation of Ghost of Tsushima’s install size comes hot on the heels off a this past week’s State of Play which focused exclusively on the game, showcasing the exploration, combat, stealth and customisation aspects of the much sought after title.

Source: Official PlayStation Store

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Dear Microsoft, Xbox Series X Is Your Chance To Fix Achievements – GameSpot

Dear Microsoft,

We need to talk about Xbox Series X–specifically, we need to discuss how to use this console generation change to fix how Xbox Achievements work. And yes, this direct confrontation is necessary because, if the Xbox One is any indication, you haven’t yet recognized how annoyingly flawed the Achievement system has been since the days of the Xbox 360.

So I’m here to politely (but firmly) tell you what’s up. For the sake of the Series X, I reach out to you now and beg that you fix the numeric system for Xbox Achievements going into the next console generation.

It’s not like the entire Xbox Achievement system is flawed–we can salvage most of it! It actually is a great system for the most part. I love that each Achievement tracks its unlock percentage, rewarding players with a special ping when they manage to earn one that has less than a 10% completion rate. It’s also a pretty cool way of seeing where exactly a majority of a player base falls off of a game. Did you know, for example, that of all the people who started Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Xbox One, only 79.99% actually played long enough to unlock the Shinobi prosthetic, and that number plummets to 39.17% for defeating the game’s first official boss (Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa)? It’s quite the fascinating look at how hard that game can be for some.

Anyway, to get back to the point of the matter, despite what it does well, the Xbox Achievement system is deeply flawed because of the numeric Gamerscore values you’ve attached to individual Achievements. And the thing is, I wouldn’t even hate the whole Gamerscore thing if you just didn’t allow developers and publishers to decide the individual numeric values for their games’ Achievements, because sometimes these companies take it upon themselves to be creative and associate said value to some greater meaning.

Sometimes, this is fine. It’s fine. And other times it’s very much not fine–namely, whenever someone thinks it would be “oh so clever” to make the numeric values for the Achievements in their game not be a multiple of five. So unless you fully complete a game and earn the traditional complete score of 1000 points, your overall Xbox Gamerscore is ultimately not going to be a nice round number.

This is a game-breaking issue for me and no I’m not exaggerating, stop looking at me like that. I’ve witnessed my Xbox Gamerscore become a number that is no longer divisible by five a few times now and each has been more physically painful than the last. Do you realize how hard and time-consuming it can be to fix this problem whenever it comes up? I sometimes have to force myself to keep playing games I don’t want to play or buy obscure indie titles with odd numbered numeric Achievements in order to offset a different game and even out my Gamerscore again.

Doom Eternal is the latest game to annoy me. Every Achievement in Doom Eternal is divisible by five except for two: “Darn It, They Keep BREAKING” and “It’s a Magic Number.” The former awards you 33 points for performing 33 unique Glory Kills in a single save slot while the latter nets you 67 for killing 666 demons.

Honestly, I don’t particularly like Doom Eternal. I don’t want to keep playing Doom Eternal. And yet, I am still playing Doom Eternal. Why? Because if I want those 33 points to be evened out, I have to keep going and kill at least 666 demons. And don’t tell me to download and play Threes again instead–I won’t do it! I don’t want to keep playing Threes!

So please Microsoft, fix this. Just enact a policy that all Xbox Achievements for Xbox Series X games need to be divisible by five. I don’t want to feel compelled to keep playing games that I’m done with just so that I don’t begin hyperventilating whenever I log on and see my Gamerscore is a prime number.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to even out my Gamerscore ahead of the Series X’s release–I’m sure plenty of other Xbox owners who care about this will do the same. Just help us by making it easier to keep it that way.


Jordan Ramée

P.S. It would also be pretty cool if you took some notes from Sony and PlayStation’s Trophies and separated the trackers for games and their DLC–it’s a little disheartening to see a game you 100% suddenly become incomplete when it gets expansions. Not as pressing an issue as ensuring all numeric values are divisible by five but still something you need to fix.

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Now Playing: All The Xbox Series X Games Confirmed So Far

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Free LEGO® NINJAGO Movie Video Game on Xbox, PlayStation® and PC till 21 May 2020

info Due to COVID-19, some offers may no longer be valid or temporarily suspended. Please verify the validity (even if it says ONGOING below) before heading down info

Starts 16 May 2020 (Sat) Ends 21 May 2020 (Thu)

We’ve got a bit of a treat for you!

As of today and up until May 21st 2020 you can download and play The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie Video Game for FREE on Xbox, PlayStation® and PC!

Get ready to battle your way through waves enemies with honor and skill as Lloyd, Nya, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Master Wu and help defend their home island of Ninjago from the evil Lord Garmadon and his shark army.

To do so, you must master the art of Ninjagiity to traverse by wall-running, high-jumping and battling the foes of Ninjago to rank up and ungrade your ninja skills!

You’ll also get to explore eight large, action-packing locations for you to enjoy based on the story of The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie with each location including its own unique Challenge Dojo where you can put your combat skills to the test.

How to download

Here are some Youtube reviews

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info Due to COVID-19, some offers may no longer be valid or temporarily suspended. Please verify the validity (even if it says ONGOING below) before heading down info

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Invictus Launch Week Free Fly Details – Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

Invictus Launch Week Free Fly Details – Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42


The 2950 Invictus Launch Week Schedule


May 22nd – May 23rd: Tumbril/RSI/Origin

325a: Origin’s sleek signature fighter, the 325a makes a great companion for finding your mark with style and sophistication.

Aurora LN: Designed for dangerous combat situations, the Aurora LN comes with bigger shields and larger weapons that pack a punch.

Constellation Andromeda: A multi-crew freighter with a modular design, the RSI Andromeda is one of the most iconic ships in the ‘verse.

Constellation Aquila: Explore the stars and distant horizons thanks to an uprated sensor suite and redesigned cockpit that offer maximum visibility.

Constellation Phoenix: A chariot of the gods, this converted luxury freighter is ideal for VIP transport.

Mantis: Stop ships dead in their tracks with RSI’s premier quantum enforcer.

May 24th – May 25th: Anvil Aerospace

Arrow: Featuring an ultra-aerodynamic frame and slight profile, it’s the most agile ship in its class.

C8X Pisces: This mini-explorer is ideal for scouting and reconnaissance.

Carrack: A self-sufficient explorer built to endure extreme conditions in both space and atmosphere.

Gladiator: A rugged two-person dive bomber.

Hawk: The ideal ship for independent bounty hunters and local security.

Hornet F7C: Tough and dependable, the F7C is a textbook multi-purpose medium fighter.

Hurricane: A heavy fighter with an almost excessive loadout. Includes a turret that punches through shields and defenses.

Terrapin: Heavily armored ship with a sophisticated scanner. Ideal for recon and exploration.

Valkyrie: A heavily armed dual-purpose gunship/dropship.

May 26th – May 27th: Aegis Dynamics

Avenger Stalker: A modified version of the Avenger catering to bounty hunters. Equipped with prison cells.

Avenger Titan Renegade: Special-edition Avenger Titan with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Avenger Warlock: A variant of the Avenger armed with an EMP generator to disable enemy vehicles.

Eclipse: A sleek stealth bomber armed with heavy torpedoes.

Gladius Valiant: Special-edition of the Gladius with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Hammerhead: A multi-crew corvette bristling with manned turrets to counter fast fighters.

Retaliator Bomber: A long-range, anti-capital bomber. Covered in manned turrets and capable of launching size 9 torpedoes.

Sabre: Favoring agility over durability, this ship is light, sleek, and deadly.

Sabre Comet: Special-edition of the Sabre with custom livery and a loadout geared to Arena Commander.

Vanguard Harbinger: A powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases.

Vanguard Hoplite: A long-range squad dropship with manned turret.

Vanguard Sentinel: Designed to fight smart instead of taking enemies head-on.

Vanguard Warden: A long-range heavy fighter with manned turret.

May 28th – May 29th: ARGO/MISC/CNOU

ARGO MPUV 1P: A small and unarmed utility runabout for transporting personnel.

Freelancer MIS: The MIS is a limited-edition militarized variant of the classic Freelancer.

Mustang Delta: The Mustang Delta is armed with heavier weapons and missiles to give new citizens a little more firepower.

Razor EX: Stealth-edition of the Razor outfitted with signature-reducing materials and low-draw components.

Reliant Tana: An easy to maintain, versatile, lightweight fighter.

Starfarer Gemini: The Gemini version sacrifices fuel capacity for armor and a missile launcher.

May 30th – June 1st: Drake Interplanetary

Buccaneer: A light fighter that sacrifices durability (and ejection seat) for raw firepower.

Caterpillar: A heavy multi-crew commercial freighter. Lightly armed with superior cargo capacity.

Cutlass Black: Back in black. Drake’s pirate-favorite is a highly versatile ship with combat and cargo prowess.

Cutlass Red: An emergency response and support ship with a medical bay, long-range radar capabilities, and a suite of defensive options.

Dragonfly Black: A two-seater grav-lev bike that easily traverses rough terrain or open space.

Herald: No secret is safe. Drake’s Herald captures and stores information before leaving at blistering speed.

via Invictus Launch Week Free Fly Details – Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

PS5 lines up massive games arsenal to shoot down Xbox Series X | T3

The PS5 reveal is coming soon… this time. Earlier in the year, a presentation by the PS5’s lead system architect Mark Cerny dived deep into the console’s innards. Before that, the internet was awash with rumours of console and games reveals, all of which came to nought.

However, a reliable source (noted games journalist Jeff Grubb) has revealed the PS5 reveal date will be Thursday, June 4. We’re inclined to believe him: now Xbox Series X’s cards are on the table in terms of console, specs and third-party games, the ball is firmly in the PS5’s court. 

According to Grubb, it’s not just the console being revealed. Grubb Tweeted the event is going to be known as a “Slate Of PlayStation”, promising a whole smorgasbord of PS5 game reveals in addition to the PS5. 

Many third-party cross-platform titles, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, have already broken cover after Microsoft’s big third-party stream. In addition, we know of a few more titles such as co-op RPG Outriders, battle royales Call of Duty: Warzones and Fortnite will be on PS5 and XSX, along with PS5 exclusive looter-slasher Godfall. Grubb is promising more games to come, as his reply to a fan tweet shows:

Should be an entire slate of games. A lot.May 13, 2020

What kind of games can we expect that haven’t already made their announcement? Well, we could see PS5 iterations of the upcoming PS4 games Cyberpunk 2077, Ghosts of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII and The Last of Us Part II. The Xbox Series X has made headlines with its “smart delivery” service, which will upgrade certain Xbox One games to their Series X counterparts absolutely free. We’re hoping for an equivalent service on the PS5, as many of the same titles getting this benefit will land on both consoles.  

We’re also hoping for next-gen exclusives like Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters in addition to more Godfall footage, and possibly some sequels like God of War II and Metal Gear Solid VI. Sony has reportedly tried to buy Konami properties such as the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchise, bringing them in-house as Sony Interactive Entertainment productions. If true, we could expect an announcement, perhaps in partnership with legendary gamemaker Hideo Kojima. 

We could be seeing the engrossing Metal Gear Solid series on next-gen

(Image credit: Konami)

We can’t wait for the forthcoming stream. Epic Games recently showed off its forthcoming Unreal Engine 5 gameplay live on a PS5, and the results were frankly incredible. Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney claims the PS5 will be more powerful than some top gaming computers, with its massive solid-state drive allowing for incredibly detailed, seamless gaming with no loading times. Check it out below:

Cool, right? We can look forward to more amazing PS5 footage as we get closer to June 4. This “Slate of PlayStation” could be in direct response to Microsoft’s woefully-received gameplay stream, which contained relatively little actual gameplay and was comprised mostly of cinematics. Watch this space. 

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Today’s best Sony PlayStation 4 Pro deals
Today’s best Sony PlayStation 4 deals

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Great moments in PC gaming: BioShock’s twist | PC Gamer

Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.

Year: 2007
Developer: 2K Boston

I was sitting on the couch in my college apartment, and I was shivering.

I remember being excited for BioShock in 2007. I knew it was a Big Deal, even though at the time I’d never played the System Shock games and didn’t know much about them. But BioShock had buzz, and then it got rave reviews, and I was enraptured (heh) by the dozen or so hours I’d already spent playing it. But I wasn’t ready for the impact of coming face-to-face with Andrew Ryan and the twist of that scene. It’s the first time I remember feeling absolutely stunned by a videogame.

More than a decade later, I don’t know if BioShock’s big twist would work. Throughout the early hours of the game, your helpful radio contact Atlas throws in a casual “would you kindly” with each suggestion he makes about where you should go and what you should do. Atlas helps you explore Rapture, BioShock’s failed undersea utopia, but the twist is Atlas is really commanding you, controlling your actions with a coded phrase that triggers your character’s obedience. 

It was rare at the time for games to question or comment on the relationship between game and player. Games about shooting were not usually—or ever—also about free will. In another game it may have been a hacky moment of meta commentary, but it fit perfectly into BioShock’s exploration of objectivism. You’re literally bashing the game’s theme home with a golf club to the head.

Commenting on the player’s agency in a game feels trite today, because it’s been done so many times, in so many ways, since BioShock came out. But at the time it made me think about videogames in a way I hadn’t before. My brain struggled to process what had just happened; what I’d done, had been forced to do, and how unprepared I was for the story to take that surprising turn. 

“Would you kindly” was especially potent because BioShock so thoroughly earned its twist. In the moments leading up to confronting Ryan you see a classic conspiracy pinboard, threads linking connected figures among a sea of scattered notes. If the phrase registers, you’ll understand in this moment you’ve been hearing it all along; BioShock gives you the opportunity to piece it all together before the big reveal.

When you finally talk to Ryan, in just a few minutes the game not only delivers its narrative climax, it justifies every detail of your experience that would normally be handwaved with “it’s a videogame”. Why are you so strong, able to kill Rapture’s Big Daddy warriors and insane Splicers? Because you were genetically engineered on Rapture. Why did your plane crash land so conveniently near Rapture at the beginning of your adventure? Because you caused the crash. 

A good twist is about the collision of surprise and satisfaction in your mind—of understanding how two puzzle pieces fit together, and marveling at the new shape those two things create together. A great twist, like BioShock’s, feels like every puzzle piece slamming together at once, while reframing the very concept of the puzzle itself. 

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little. If the words ludonarrative dissonance make you roll your eyes, this moment in BioShock may not impress you much. In that case, would you kindly forget the philosophy talk and simply enjoy a few minutes of actor Armin Shimerman—best known as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—deliver a perfect performance with Andrew Ryan’s monologue.

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Get The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Courtesy of TT Games, players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam can get The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game free until May 21, 2020. While the company didn’t explicitly mention the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason they are giving it away, the tweet announcing the details had the #playathome and #playtogether hashtags. Developers and publishers have been using those hashtags in any initiatives that encourage players to stay home and play games to save lives during the pandemic.

Good news! You can now download and enjoy The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game for *FREE* right now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC until May 21!

Details here: #playtogether

— TT Games (@TTGames) May 15, 2020

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How to Claim The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Free

To get The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game free, you just need to go to the store page on your platform of choice and redeem the game before May 21, 2020. Once it’s redeemed, the game is yours to keep forever. Even if you don’t necessarily plan on playing right now, visit the links below to redeem the game anyway. Never know when you might want to play it in the future.

Make sure you redeem your The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game free copy before May 21, 2020, when the promotion ends. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game joins a number of other free video games that have been given out in the past couple of months to give bored gamers stuck at home during the pandemic something to do.

Sony gave out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey on PS4 (Knack 2 in certain regions), and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 was free for a few weeks recently. Most of those promotions have ended now, but if you’ve somehow finished going through all those games and gotten plenty of time with this month’s PS Plus games, don’t miss jumping into The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game.

[Source: TT Games]

The post Get The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

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PS5 news: This is when you can lock in your PlayStation 5 pre-order | T3

One week ago a leaker on Twitter purportedly revealed exactly when the Sony PlayStation 5 is going to be officially unveiled. The PS5 console, according to the leaker, is to be shown off for the first time on June 2, 2020.

Well now that exact same leaker has also revealed exactly when pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 will open, and exactly how much gamers will have to put down to secure their PS5.

£50 deposit in store at GAME. No deposit required online if you pay with a Debit or Credit card. Payment will only be taken up to seven days before the November 20, 2020 release date. Preorders begin in the first week of June. GAME will not tell you this until Sony announces it 7, 2020

Speaking on Twitter, the reported leaker @IronManPS5 confirmed that PS5 pre-orders “begin in the first week of June”, and that the retailer GAME would secure a system in store for a customer with a £50 deposit. In addition, the leaker notes that any pre-orders that were placed online would not require a deposit and would be charged in full “up to seven days before the November 20, 2020 release date”.

Now, as we have noted before, this leaker hasn’t got any past form when it comes round to accurately predicting future hardware releases, with the account only starting to tweet about PS5 back in late 2019 and no other proven evidence to call on. As such, this information as with the last info drop, should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt.

However, once more the detail of this leak, with specific retailers, dates, and figures listed, at least on face value adds some weight to it. The timings work with the leaker’s other proclamations, too, and sync up with what we are hearing about the PlayStation 5 through industry whispers.

Excitingly, if this leak is true, that means that we are now only two weeks out before the PS5 will not only be revealed, but when gamers can lodge their pre-order for it also. And it looks like the next-gen console will be available for very little to nothing up-front, meaning gamers can lock in their pre-order with ease.

Here at T3 we’re desperate to see the PS5, ring up our pre-order, and then come November 2020 get our hands on the system. That jaw-dropping PS5 demo we saw the other day was a true future-of-games moment and the sooner we can make that a reality with a PlayStation 5 tucked securely under our TV the better.

How will the PS5 look? This fresh design has a very interesting take…

Today’s best Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller deals

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