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Malcom Turnbull speaks on NBN Co strategic review

Malcom Turnbull speaks on NBN Co strategic review

Mr. Turnbull, Communications Minister for the LNP government, is now speaking in question time on the review conducted by NBN Co on the LNP’s NBN model and costs and timings of the plan.

The review shows a cost blowout of over $11b but Mr. Turnbull still praises his model of FTTN.

He is speaking about who is involved and passing thanks.

Vodafone’s CEO Bill Morrow is to become the new NBN boss (becuase they have been so great at rolling out a network).

The review shows the LNP’s plan will be more expensive and will take longer than the promised 2016 date (yet another broken promise).

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More details are emerging but you can hear it directly yourself here.

NFC payments, what’s stopping them?

NFC payments, what’s stopping them?

Quite simply put all that is needed for using your mobile phone to pay for goods in Australia is a sim card with a secure element.
Microsoft wallet on Windows Phone 8 is ready to go with Microsoft confirming it is supported in Australia.
The banks will have you believe that they need to do extensive testing and certification but in actual fact they need not have anything to do with NFC payments.
Google’s wallet also works but is not yet enabled for Australia, although can be with some modifications.
The fact that we don’t have NFC payments already is a real shame when hardware vendors are ready to go, Visa and Mastercard are ready to go, we just need that secure element.

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