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Aussie budget deficit improving despite major financial world issues

Aussie budget deficit improving despite major financial world issues

The budget deficit of $49.4b last financial year, that all the liberal fans love to harp on about, has dropped to $47.7b  this financial year.

Not a bad effort despite the drop in revenue and spending.

So the opposition can go on and on about the spending and deficit (which is standard practise for federal governments) but it’s pissing in the wind.

To put some perspective on this here are some facts from the below report:

  • Percentage of GDP is 3.4% for Australia
  • In countries such as the United States and the UK it’s over 10%.
  • Tax income was $1.7b lower than estimated in May
  • Taxes on wages and companies was down
  • Net Government debt was $84.6b or 6.1% GDP

Mr Swan and Senator Wong said “This is dramatically lower than the level across major advanced economies, which averaged a net debt of 75.3%”

“(It) shows that despite the major impact on Budget revenues from the global financial crisis, recent natural disasters and a strong Australian dollar, Australia’s public finances remain amongst the strongest in the developed world,” Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Penny Wong said in a joint statement today.

via Minor improvement in 2010/11 Budget |

This is why the new Kindle Tablet will beat the iPad

This is why the new Kindle Tablet will beat the iPad

I’m not going to add much to this because I think the quoted and linked article does a really good job of it. It’s based around the new Amazon Tablet that I have been trying to find an excuse to blog about.

“I use the computer to work. While it’s fair to say that the iPad can be used to create content, I really don’t have time to tap away on a touchscreen when I have a perfectly good MacBook Air. The features that set the iPad above the Kindle Fire are wasted on me. I don’t need those. I’ll never edit a video on the iPad. I have Final Cut Pro for that. Taking pictures on a tablet is ludicrous, I have an iPhone for quick shots and a DSLR to make me feel like I’m talented. It comes down to features and price. It’s too much, for too much.

The Kindle Fire fills that tiny tablet gap in my life. It only has the features I really care about at a price point that’s reasonable. It’s more than reasonable, it’s pretty great. But more importantly, it’s the colour Kindle I’ve been waiting for. I don’t care about built-in 3G. That’s what Mi-Fis are for. The camera on our iPad was used the first week just to point out how horrible the pictures looked. The only downsides to the Kindle Fire are the lack of external speaker and Bluetooth. But these aren’t deal breakers in my book.”

via Why The Kindle Fire Beat The iPad 2 (For Me) | Gizmodo Australia.

Google-Motorola not a done deal just yet

Google-Motorola not a done deal just yet

The US DOJ has saught further information in it’s assesment of the Motorola purchase by Google.

The deal will not only bring a bunch of very cool patents to googles pool but will also enable it to start manufacture of it’s own handsets.

The Department of Justice is assessing the deal to ensure it does not allow Google to trade in a way that may infringe on monopoly and similar coporate law.
U.S. DOJ seeks information on Google-Motorola deal | Reuters.

T-Mobile joins Verizon in support of samsung against Apple

T-Mobile joins Verizon in support of samsung against Apple

I posted earlier this week about Verizon backing Samsung in the Apple patent dispute. This time T-Mobile, the 4th largest provider in the US, has joined in on the fray stating that the ban would have significant impact on it’s holiday sales and that recouping would be difficult.

It’s bcoming clear that patent trolling will no longer be tollerated and with Samsung and Microsoft doing a deal that secures Samsungs position in using Android (which funnily enough is a big money spinner for Microsoft) and also establishes an agreement to continue Windows Phone handset development by Samsung.
T-Mobile lines up against Apple in Samsung lawsuit | Reuters.

Microsoft Research – Things you didn’t know (but probably should)

Microsoft Research – Things you didn’t know (but probably should)

Microsoft Research is 20 years old now. The following graphic (click through) shows a great metro styled timeline of the acheivments of Microsoft Research.

This division of Microsoft works with Universities across the globe to advance computing and computational sciences. Something that many people are not aware of but only part of the huge contribution Microsoft makes to the community. (unlike some of their compeditors *cough* Apple Inc. *cough*)

“Spurred by Bill Gates’ vision that someday computers will see, listen, speak and learn, Bill, Rick Rashid and Nathan Myhrvold created MSR in 1991 with a mission to advance the state of the art in computing through a combination of basic and applied research.”

“That mission hasn’t changed, but the organization has blossomed to 12 facilities around the world (including Redmond, Wash.; Cambridge, U.K.; Beijing; Mountain View, Calif.; Aachen, Germany; Bangalore; Cairo and Cambridge, Mass.), currently supporting more than 850 researchers in over 60 fields of research.” said Steve Clayton from Microsoft.

via Microsoft Research Timeline And Achievements In Metro Style | MicrosoftFeed.

neutrinos – faster than light or just especially tricky

neutrinos – faster than light or just especially tricky

The linked article requires free registration, however I will attempt to summarise it here:

The recent experiments between CERN and OPERA, reportly proved neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light.

The experiment caused claims of Einsteins special theory of relativity to be totally blown out of the water and and physics as we know it to change forever. While this stil may be true there has been a theory offered to both explain the faster than light travel and Einsteins theory.

In 2006, Pakvasa, Pas and Weiler came up with a nice little explaination of how this could be so.

The theory says that out universe contains an extra dimension, one that exists along a plane and wobbles in a wave, kind of like wobbling a peice of paper. In this model, a neutrino could travel along this plane, but in fact skip between the tops of the waves, kind of like a dolphin or flying fish may jump through rough seas.

The plane is refered to as the “brane”, that floats in a higher dimensional space-time called the bulk.

So basically, these little neutrinos, could be agile and quick enough to travel along the tops of waves rather than have to go through each one, in effect jumping through little segments of time and therefore appreaing to travel faster than the speed of light when they are in fact perhaps travvelling at or below while taking shortcuts.

‘Light-speed’ neutrinos point to new physical reality – physics-math – 28 September 2011 – New Scientist.

Anonymous Analytics – Bringing the big guys down.

Anonymous Analytics – Bringing the big guys down.

Infamous hacker group Anonymous has formed a faction focussed on taking down corporate cheats.

Anonymous Analytics is claiming that a large Chinese fruit and veg company has been funneling money out for years via shell companies.

It has released a report just as the Chinese government announced an investigation of it’s own. Anonymous claims to be using only legal, vetted information in it’s reports and also says it has more facts on the company but have decided not to publish right now.

They have however packaged an encrypted pack for it’s members reportedly.

One Per Cent: Anonymous faction in new attack on corporate fraud.

WP7 Tips n Tricks – Multiple Calendars

WP7 Tips n Tricks – Multiple Calendars

When using multiple calendars you will see they show up in different colours. I discovered this morning that when in the calendar (to-do, agenda or any view), if you click the three little dots on bottom right to get to settings. Then you will be presented with options to set your own colours on each different calendar that is configured in your phone Smile

Customisation win!

Mango Mango Mango!!!

Mango Mango Mango!!!

The net is alive with cries of Mango or not Mango.

Microsoft and Carriers are deploying the update right across the globe and many many people are keen for this game changing update that brings Windows Phone 7 up as a real competitor to Android and iPhone.

Some tweets are reporting experiences that actually surpass iPhone and Android, personally i have been using Mango for a few months now and at some point thanks to a nice custom rom from XBMod on XDA-Developers, my phone got the 7720.68 release. I didn’t even notice it lol

Mango has some amazing features like voice dictation and recognition, Multitasking, Twitter, Facebook and Linked in support and much much more.

If you have not tried Windows Phone 7 yet, or have been told it was no good, then you must re-evaluate the Mango update! You’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

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