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a bazillion carat diamond!?

a bazillion carat diamond!?

Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne was surveying the sky using the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope in December 2009 and found a pulsar.

Soon after he followed up with observations with the Lovell radio telescope in Chesire, UK.

This follow up observation showed periodic variations in the pulsar’s signals, indicating there may be an orbiting planet there.

“Further analysis pointed to an even more astonishing possibility – a diamond planet.”

via Astrophile: The diamond as big as a planet – space – 25 August 2011 – New Scientist.

Wave hello to new power

Wave hello to new power

Pelamis Wave Power are rolling out an ocean trial of their P2 wave power device. (pictured below)

The device has all kinds of amazing electronics to enable programmers to upload new software that will help the device keep in sync the wave motion.

The device is capable of 750 kilowatts of electricity and measures 180 meters long. That should be enough for around 935 homes.



P2 (Image: Pelamis Wave Power)

There are a bunch of new devices being tested, more can be found in the article link below.

New power wave heads out to sea – environment – 26 August 2011 – New Scientist.

HTC Sept 1st Windows Phones Release

HTC Sept 1st Windows Phones Release

BGR are exclusively reporting that HTC are unveiling two new Windows Phone Devices based on Windows Phone 7.5 Codenamed “Mango”.

“the HTC Eternity, a Windows Phone with 3.7-inch display headed to AT&T, in addition to the HTC Omega, a 4.5-inch Mango phone that is headed to T-Mobile USA”

I would hazard a guess that these will be dual core 1.2Ghz processors and at least 512MB ram. They would have to be at least 8Gb or 16Gb storage but I think they ,may even be 32Gb to compete with the newer phones and devices.

Keep posted for these, in my opinion this new generation of Windows Phones will be a market shifting move.

via HTC Sept 1st event to feature Windows Phone devices: Eternity, Omega.

Zune Quick Tip – Make playlist from Favourite tracks

Zune Quick Tip – Make playlist from Favourite tracks

I was looking at my zune and wondering how I could just make it play with tracks that I favourited, or <3.

Well it is possible, go to your collection then click playlists, then autoplaylists.

Click new autoplaylist and you will get a list of options including artist, genre etc. If you click the rating drop down then choose like.

Ta Da, you have a playlist of song you <3'ed.

Apple get caught out, not only are they overly litigious but they are telling furfees

Apple get caught out, not only are they overly litigious but they are telling furfees

“German publication poured through the legal filing and discovered the images of the Galaxy Tab submitted by Apple do not match the appearance of the final retail version of the tablet. Apple’s images show a short, squat device whose dimensions match the iPad, not the oblong tablet that Samsung released.”

Tisk Tisk Apple, the innovation has run dry, and now even the litigation is flakey at best. Face it your time is up, no longer can you pass off old technology as new and innovative. The world is waking up to your crap and won’t stand it much longer.

via Apple Presents Misleading Evidence In Case Against Samsung | Gizmodo Australia.

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